The only Total Commander Clone is Krusader

The best windows tool ever is Total Commander. If I see colleagues using their explorer I get crazy 😉 Total Commander is the ultimate productivity boost.

On my ubuntu I’m using gnome. Nautilus is as sick as the explorer. Next, I tried gnome-commander: nope. I wasted a couple of hours and tried mc, elmfm2, tuxcmd, .. No way to found that is good enough and integrates into gnome. Only way out: Krusader. This tool has nearly all I want. I have to accept the KDE dependencies.

sudo apt-get install krusader kompare xxdiff cfv md5deep p7zip kdebase krename

In order to let it look more like a gnome app I installed the systemsettings (former kcontrol)

sudo apt-get install systemsettings

Open it and go to General > Look&Feel > Appearence > Theme and select Human.

Finally, I started krusader and changed the default terminal and editor.


4 Responses to The only Total Commander Clone is Krusader

  1. KingOli says:

    I didn’t get used to Krusader on my Ubuntu(s) (there are hardly any options to configure the app) so I installed wine and use Total Commander since then.

  2. strug says:

    I tried wine and TC once but it doesn’t worked well for me. Could you open a mindmap with a double click?

    mm file (z:\usr\bin\freemind “%1”)

    I couldn’t get the %1 to work.

    What are your experiences with the performance, e.g. the search inside an archive?

  3. frenchn00b says:

    Check this screenshot of the Linux clone of Total commander 😉 Cool, no? Screenshot of tuxcmd with TC-Theme:

    This is the TC-Theme for tuxcmd.

  4. Johnc158 says:

    I value the post.Thanks Again. Awesome. baacdgcddead

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