Using Google Charts

April 4, 2009

This year I started my personal health program. I want to get fit and I want to reduce my weight. Since January I go running. After each run I take my weight and fat and blog these stats. Lately, my pal Maze presented me a excel-chart. My next thought was: Wait, I once read about a Google chart service? Yes. Here it is: I start playing around. Not that meaningful with all that ch: chs, cht, chtt, chds, chd,chco, .. Brians Blog helped me a lot. If you don’t want to scale everything into percent, take a look at chds. This flag allows you to specify your own scale.
Other people struggle with date issues. For me the following works well: I scale from 1 to 365. Next I use a Day Number Of Year Calculator and I’m done. A sample data set looks like chd=t:38,45|95,94.3|38,45|27.7,26.6. 38 is the 7th Februar.

Cool. Thanks Google.

Here are my stats. The left axis is the scale of weight, the right is the scale of fat.

Strug Stats