Installing Java 7 Snapshot on Ubuntu

February 22, 2009

On my Ubuntu I’m facing this JVM Bug which suddenly freezes the keyboard of IDEA. Now I’m trying Anils suggestion. Therefore I need to install a Java 7 snapshot:

  1. download self-extracting binary file of java 7 snapshot
  2. run chmod +x jdk-7-ea-bin-b48-linux-i586-19_feb_2009.bin to make it executable
  3. run ./jdk-7-ea-bin-b48-linux-i586-19_feb_2009.bin to extract the archive
  4. run sudo mv ./jdk1.7.0 /usr/lib/jvm to move it to the other JVMs
  5. run update-alternatives --config java to check how many JVMs you already installed
  6. run sudo update-alternatives --install /usr/bin/java java /usr/lib/jvm/jdk1.7.0/jre/bin/java 3
    I got 2 installations, so I need to specify a 3
  7. run sudo update-alternatives --config java to chance your java version.
  8. run java -version to validate everything is fine

To tell IDEA 8.1 to run with Java 7 you need to add in idea.vmoptions.

Keep your fingers crossed for me that this will fix that problem;)

I can use [code lang="java"]..[/code]

February 19, 2009

My peer Oli showed me that code samples can look quiet nice within

I thought that the button /code is all that wordpress got. The result looks boring:

public String doIt(String aParameter) {
String message = "My Message";

Oli told me that he uses as well. So quickly I found out that wordpress has included the codesnippet-plugin so I got linenumber, syntax-highlight, .. :

public String doIt(String aParameter) {
  String message = "My Message";

Cool. Thx Oli, Thx WordPress

Grails on Ubuntu

January 24, 2009

In order to get Grails on Ubuntu to work I installed the latest grails 1.0.4-2 deb package. Unfortunately at only release 1.0.4-1 was present, but has this bug.